Lawn Maintenance in & Around Denison, Carroll, Harlan, IA

Our lawn maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in west and central Iowa include weekly lawn mowing, yard cleanups, and more.

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Lawn maintenance for businesses and homes in west/central Iowa areas such as Denison and Carroll.

Weekly lawn mowing gives your lawn the best chance to reach peak health during spring and summer.

Keeping your lawn maintained is a key component in helping your lawn reach its peak health conditions. Without regular, routine maintenance, your lawn will suffer. During the growing season, we provide weekly mows, or more or less depending on the weather. Our lawn maintenance crew also performs leaf removal and yard cleanups.

Our lawn maintenance services can be found at businesses and homes throughout west and central Iowa, including cities such as Denison, Carroll, Harlan, and more.

Routine Lawn Mowing Keeps Grass Blades at the Proper Height

John Deere lawn mowers in a Denison, IA work shop.

Once the mowing season starts, we begin providing weekly mowing services. Our frequency of mowing is subject to change due to the weather—for example, if we are having a rainy spring, we could be mowing twice a week, or if the summer is dry, we could be mowing biweekly. All of our mowing sessions include the following:

  • String-trimming: String-trimming, or weed eating, helps trim grass around obstacles such as mailboxes or landscape beds.
  • Edging: Our team takes an edger around all the edges of your driveways, patios, etc. to keep grass trimmed.
  • Blowing: We blow all grass clippings off of your hardscapes for a finished look.

Whenever we mow, we try to stick to the one-third rule. This means that we don't cut off more than one-third of the blade height. When lawns are mowed too short, it's harder for the grass blades to achieve maximum photosynthesis. We also switch up mowing patterns to prevent ruts in the yard and can do mowing stripes upon request. At Phil's Lawn & Landscaping, we can handle any size mowing job from small to large. We'll also make sure to mow under and around patio furniture and bring your trash cans up from the street.

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Ensure Your Grass Has Constant Access to Light, Water, & Air with Leaf Removal & Yard Cleanups

During the fall, leaves will accumulate on your lawn. If they're left there, they can end up creating a thick blanket that obstructs light, water, and air from getting to your grass. Our leaf removal crew comes out in both the fall and spring to ensure that leaves have been removed from your lawn. We use leaf blowers and blow leaves out of your landscape beds. On your lawn, we will use mowers with baggers on them to get rid of the leaves. Our leaf removal company then hauls the leaves away so you don't have to worry about them.

We also perform seasonal yard cleanups in the fall and spring. These can be a one-time service and we also do these for our customers. We will remove yard debris, reshape landscape beds, and more. If you have an overgrown or distressed property cleanup, our team will clean that up for you as well. We also provide gutter cleaning as a separate charge.

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At Phil's Lawn & Landscaping, we've been in business since 1985, providing lawn maintenance services to homes and businesses in and around Denison, Carroll, Harlan, and more. If you're in need of lawn mowing or yard cleanups, give us a call today at (712) 269-2307 to learn more and set up an estimate!

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